We know that finding the best products like home products, electronics, toys, hobbies, sneakers, fashion etc especially the latest released or highly sought after are not easy.


Here are our top 10 list of Marketplace in the USA


1. Ebay.com

2. Amazon.com

3. Walmart.com

4. Etsy.com

5. Jett.com

6. Newegg.com

7. Kroger.com

8. Wayfair.com

9. Target.com

10. Bestbuy.com


We can almost guarantee that you can find anything on these websites. However, for those who are familiar with shopping internationally with eBay.com & Amazon.com you know, the shipping rate will be extravagant and expensive.


it is a very simple process to shop from the USA using uShopUS.com :


1. Sign up for your free USA locker address at 0% US Sales tax warehouse at uShopUS.com

2. Use your locker address to shop and deliver the item

3. Or use “Buy for me” option if you don’t want the hassle to shop because Our team can shop for you as well you can only pay a deposit of 50% first (some US websites don’t allow foreign credit cards to purchase)

4. uShopUS repacks, consolidates, and ship your package to your international address

5. You will receive your order within the stipulated time frame