Terms and conditions


  1. UshopUS can help to bring any item from the USA , UK & JAPAN except for Prohibited Items internationally. 

If you break the law on the prohibited items, you will be the sole party to be responsible for any legal action, not uShopUS. All items responsibility In terms of legality for Any country related is solely Under the responsibility of the customer only.


  1. All of the items ordered will be posted at UshopUS USA , UK & JAPAN Warehouse address first, and then shipped to your destination. Your packages will be shipped from the USA , UK & JAPAN warehouse once full payment has been done. (For Malaysian customer , we ship in bulk to our Asia Pacific Facilities UshopUS Malaysia Warehouse before ship out to your address). The items will go through our process of QC check and repacking (upon request with extra fee) before proceeding for postage to our customers. Please note that we may provide tracking number for your destination (depending on the courier provider) but do not provide any tracking number from USA and UK to Malaysia (because of we send in bulk shipment)


  1. The shipping cost as stated in the Shipping Calculator is only estimated to your local country. (Malaysia customer : to uShopUS Malaysia warehouse.Additional service apply for door-to-door service )


Any cancellations and refunds are allowed while the ordered items are still at UshopUS USA , UK & JAPAN Warehouse. But we will charge a fee of $50 for the handling process. Once the item has been shipped, any cancellations will be considered burnt. Detail : https://ushopus.com/refund


  1. UshopUS does not guarantee the quality and authenticity of the item purchased from the merchant (this include the buy for me service)

Please purchase items from reputable merchants and sites to ensure you receive the expected quality of item. For “buy for me” service, If a seller is believed not to be a legitimate seller or is believed to have engaged in fraud,  will submit an investigation request with PayPal on behalf of our User. PayPal will then attempt to recover any funds owed, but fund recovery is not guaranteed. All disputes must be submitted within 30 days from when the original payment was sent.


  1. We will have the right to review the Shipping charges from time to time and make changes thereof without any or prior notice to you and/or to any third party. We will notify you of the amount you have to pay for Shipping charges, customs clearance charges, GST or other service taxes (if applicable) and any other applicable charges. In providing the service, we act as an independent contractor and we are not an agent of any Merchant or act in any other capacity unless otherwise specifically stated.


  1. Ushopus shall not in any case be liable for the item purchased for any wrongly sent item or any problem done by the merchant unless there is an inspection made. We strongly suggest an inspection of the item once the item arrives at our warehouse to mitigate this risk .


  1. Usage of uShopUS locker address for applying any financial related product not limited to banking or financial institution is strictly prohibited.


  1. If you fail or refuse to 
  1. accept delivery;
  2. pay for delivery; or
  3. collect the Item, or the Shipment or Item is deemed unacceptable for any reason, we may at our sole discretion:
    1. where appropriate, contact you to discuss and agree on an appropriate action to take;
    2. use reasonable efforts to return the Item to Merchant at your cost with $50 handling fee; or
    3. deal with the Item in any manner we deem fit without being liable to you.


  1. We shall not in any case be liable for any loss, damage and delay of Shipment arising from:
    • any defect in any Item in the Shipment, whether or not known to us at any time before delivery to you
    • incomplete, insufficient, or erroneous entry of the UshopUS address by you at the Merchant's website;
    • failure by the Merchant to make delivery within a reasonable time to the relevant UshopUS address;
    • failure by any party or the Merchant to provide complete and sufficient information on your Shipment Item to  UshopUS or make an accurate declaration for customs clearance, regulatory and delivery purposes’
    • insufficient or improper packing or addressing information of any Item in the Shipment by your Merchant;
    • improper packing of any Item in the Shipment after having been opened by us for verification whether at the request of any customs authority or other governmental agencies;
    • insufficient or improper packing of any Item in the Shipment after having been re-packed by us (whether at your request or not);
    • any alleged delivery from the Merchant to the UshopUS address provided by you, where there is no proof of delivery furnished by the Merchant or their delivery agent and where the receipt of the Item is not signed and acknowledged at the UshopUS addresses;
    • any loss of confidentiality in communications arising during the Shipping;
    • electrical or magnetic damage to, or erasure of electronic or photographic images or recordings;
    • the hazardous, fragile or brittle nature or the mechanical derangement of any Item in the Shipment; or
    • failure by you to take delivery of or collect the Shipment after being notified to do so.


  1. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend this service at any time without assigning any reason.

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend your use of the UshopUS service if

    • there is abuse or misuse of the service by you; or
    • we are of the reasonable opinion that you have breached any of the terms and conditions herein contained.


  1. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone based on company's discretion


  1. We shall not be liable to you or to any other party for any damages, losses, cost or expenses    however caused by or arising out of such termination or suspension.


  1. We have the right to assign or transfer or sub-contract all or part of our rights or obligations hereunder at our discretion.


  1. UshopUS have the right to publish or make the items purchased by customer seen by others in our own social media.


  1. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions from time to time without notice. The revised terms and conditions will be posted on this website and shall take effect from the date of such posting. We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of these terms and conditions.


  1. Any return cost from your home address to the USA , UK & JAPAN must be borne by you if there is any.


  1. Customers are aware that the shipping duration is just an estimation. Air shipment will normally take 7-21 working days and sea shipment will take 3 months from the shipping date. However if there’s any delay from the courier or shipper , uShopUS will notify the customer but not be responsible for the delay.


  1. uShopUS is not responsible for any small defect happening during the shipment which may be caused by handling during shipment by courier , shipper & logistic provider. Or any minor scratch or cosmetic defect which does not considered major and does not change the functionality of the item
    • Otherwise , customer can opt to do an inspection or repackaging service that may cost extra depending on the level of work needed


  1. For "Buy for me" services , uShopUS will buy the item within 2 working days . If you want to order a limited item or fast selling item , you are advised to just buy it on your own and send it to our USA , UK & JAPAN warehouse. For any refund under buy for me, we will charge RM2 for processing fee (billplz) and 4% for stripe.


  1. For customers using “Buy for me” services and pay only 50% of the total amount, they are required to make the balance payment within 5 days after USA , UK & JAPAN warehouse receive the item. If no payment is received within 5 days, Ushopus has the right to return the item and we will charge $50 for return and cancellation fee.


  1. If your item is being sold from outside of the UK, you might be imposed with import and duty tax. For this scenario, you HAVE to use our BUY FOR ME services so that our team will be able to track the item and secure the cleareance with the customs


  1. However, if you purchased the item from outside of the UK and JAPAN on your own, you will face the risk of handling the customs charges into the UK and Japan on your own and to track the status. We strongly urge you to use Buy for me services


  1. There is an additional 4% charge when using Stripe as the payment method. However, if you are from Malaysia and using a Malaysian card account, you can avoid these charges by creating an account and choosing Malaysia ringgit as your default currency when you sign up.


  1. For operation related enquiries , directly email our customer service uShopUScom@gmail.com or issue a support ticket from your dashboard


  1. If the item you ordered weighs more than 50kg (110 lbs) or total dimension size ( Length x Width x Depth ) more than 10,000 , please contact our customer representative to confirm the warehouse delivery address first before making any purchases . Email us at uShopUScom@gmail.com. Large items need to be sent to a different warehouse . We’re not to be responsible if you did not follow this instructions


  1. Shipping weight will be determined by actual or volumetric weight (VW), whichever is higher. The Dimensional Weight is (L x W x H / 139). All shipments with dimensions greater than 22 in. L x 16 in. W x 15 in. D will have to pay an extra $55 for every 22 in. L x 16 in. W x 15 in. D (Volumetric Weight 5280 in.)


  1. Some websites will have a maximum amount of purchase and if you exceed the maximum amount of purchase, we will charge it as a second purchasing service fee via the website


  1. We have the right to put other items in your box if we feel it is necessary to do so in order to save the shipping cost to your final destination


  1. UShopUS provides insurance coverage to help offer you financial protection against all risks of physical loss or damage of goods/items during transit from uShopUS USA , UK & JAPAN Warehouse to your destination (or to uShopUS Malaysia Warehouse for customer from Malaysian address). The insurance premium is calculated at 5% or a minimum of $10, whichever is greater and only open for inspected items. The limits of liability for each insured item will be limited to $2000USD per item. However, if you do not choose to add insurance to your order and receive a damaged product or lost in shipping, ushopus.com will not be held responsible for replacement, exchange or reimbursement.

Please note this is a shipment insurance and not a warranty of the item’s functionality

It covers physical damage or loss resulted from mishandling from courier side if any .

Ensure to take picture the same day the item has been delivered or picked up that clearly shows the broken physical damage if any .

If the item delivered in a reasonable good condition box and per delivered by seller , the insurance won’t cover whatever physical damage happened inside the box to the item that has been sent by seller if no repacking services requested before shipment has been created


Please note that the insurance will cover on general merchandise, except for (but not limited to) the following excluded items:

    • ALL restricted/prohibited items that are exported from US or imported into your local country
    • Wafer, semiconductor, Integrated Circuits
    • Marble and Tiles


Important Policy Exclusions:

    • Rusty, Oxidation, Discoloration unless caused by insured perils
    • Mechanical & Electrical Derangement
    • Scratching, Denting, Marring, Breakage and Staining.
    • Shortages due to ordinary leakage, loss of weight or volume
    • Wear & Tear
    • Reject/Returned Shipments
    • Loss and/or damage arising from acts of dishonesty or fraud of any partner, directors or employees of the forwarder/participant
    • Mysterious Disappearance or unexplained pilferage/Shortage
    • Loss or damage or expense caused by inherent vice or natural of the subject matter
    • Losses arising as a result of goods not having been professionally packed/manufacturing packed
    • Pre-existing damage and/or spoilt due to extremely sensitive to temperature change



Additional Cost:


Purchasing service fee via website : $5 per website

VIP Purchasing Service via physical store : $50 per hour

Voucher Discount: Enjoy more savings when you use voucher upon checkout

Holding Fee: Enjoy 30 days free storage at our warehouse.

    • You will be charged $1 per package per day starting on the 31st day. We will dispose the package after 60 days
    • If you wish to proceed with another courier or you want to send you parcel to another USA and UK address, you will be charged $1 per package per day starting on the day your package arrives at our warehouse

Consolidate Boxes Fee :You can consolidate different boxes from different stores into one box also.

Fee charged is $10 per 22 in. L x 16 in. W x 15 in. D box  (if you have 5 small packages to be consolidated into one box, the fee is $10)

Repack Fee: We will repack you package for added protection and security if it is inadequately packed for international shipping.

    • Basic repack (Open box and combine all parcels): $10/20 tracking number
    • Advanced repack (packing with air pillow / paper / cardboards so the boxes filled and sturdy): $25 USD/ 10 tracking
    • Delicate and extra care repack (bubble wrap each item if small; plates,glasses etc, bubble wrap each part if large; bicycle, guitar etc) : $50/ tracking number

Cancellation/Return Fee : $50 USD/tracking number

Photo Request Fee: $5 USD/tracking number (4 different angles)

Box Inspection :$10 USD/tracking number

Tracking number request from USA and UK website to USA and UK warehouse: $10 per website

Use tracking / Signature when order and parcel sent back : $1 per mile for pick up (minimum charges $15)

For pickup charges : $1 per mile (minimum charges $15)

Sending to USA , UK & JAPAN address/using another courier : $1 per package per day starting on the day your package arrives at USA and UK warehouse and

$15 if customer provide consignment and courier pickup at warehouse or

$15 + miles charges if customer provide consignment and ushopus drop off the parcel

Please note special only for Japan shipment , there will be a $10 handling charges for each tracking number

Dangerous Goods Fee: A Dangerous Goods Fee of USD 100 will be charged for each item containing lithium-ion batteries due to shipping regulations. Shipping Restrictions: Lithium-ion battery products are classified as dangerous goods and are subject to international shipping regulations, which may incur additional fees.

Liability Disclaimer: UshopUs disclaims any liability for damages, delays, or legal issues arising from the shipment of lithium-ion battery products.

Customer Compliance: Customers are responsible for ensuring compliance with all local and international regulations regarding the transportation and use of lithium-ion battery products.

Returns and Refunds: Returns and refunds for lithium-ion battery products are subject to our standard return policy.