uShopUS & its partners operate warehouses in the US , UK and Asia Pacific Fulfilement Centre in Malaysia for users to enjoy fast and efficient delivery services.

You’ll need to pay tax and duty to the customs bodies at your respective delivery country if any or necessary after meeting designated threshold. You may refer to local customs agencies for more information.

Some of our customers send their shipment to our Asia Pacific Fulfilment center (in Malaysia) for shipment to Malaysia , Singapore , Hong-Kong and Taiwan . For customers delivering to uShopUS Asia Pacific Fulfilment Centre located in Malaysia , please refer below information .

From our experience with customers from many countries including Malaysia, one of the main issues that we are trying to tackle is that a lot of the customers are not sure about getting taxed by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia). Let us share how our process can make it less complicated for you .

Take note that the information here is based on current situation provided by the Malaysian customs and other related agencies but it may change based on changes made by government policies

Please note that uShopUS offer two terms of shipping services which is DDP (delivery duty paid) for USA shipment and CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) or DDU (Delivery duty unpaid) for UK & USA shipment . For USA shipment, uShopUS will cover and pay for your custom and duty which is already included in the total shipment charges if there is no false declaration by customer

Based on the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMC), the Sales and Services Tax (SST) is imposed on taxable goods imported into Malaysia. Generally, the import tax rate in Malaysia is to be taken from 0%, 5% to 10% of the shipment value but may be subjected to change depending on products . This will be based on the declared value of the item by the customer. Generally, we can take that the customer is likely to pay the tax when the total value of shipment under Incoterm CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight ) more than RM 500 .

Usually, the SST of the shipment consists of Sales Tax and Service Tax. Generally the SSD will be calculated are off the total Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) which is the total cost of the imported goods (your shipment value), cost of shipping services and cost of insurance. You are required to pay the SST to the custom body once your shipment is valued by the agency if deemed necessary for Delivery duty unpaid shipping term

For UK shipment : not everyone will have to pay the tax it will depend on the value of the total shipment and the declared value . We advice for you to declare the value properly because if you declare value under is actual value, you are taking a risk when the item inspected by the officer, you might need to add more duty to be paid according to its fair value .

uShopUS courier partner will manage all the process on your behalf so it will be less hassle for you and usually you will be informed during the transit of your estimated custom tax and duty to be paid to Malaysian customs if any and if necessary. You will receive your shipment only when you have settled all the payment including the tax and duty if any

For the payment, you might need to pay the Custom tax and duty directly to our courier partners or through our team when contacted depending on the type of shipment that you choose for UK shipment (Express or saver) . Please note that uShopUS is not responsible for any customs and duty false declaration by the customers. If any find imposed it will be liable under customers account and name

The tax and duty will be calculated based on the total value of one shipment not depending on each parcel. It will be calculator turn off the total CIF value Let’s take an example if you ship two parcels of a total CIF value of over RM 500 but each parcels cost less than RM500 , The custom officer will calculate the total value of over RM 500 instead of each individual parcels. The officer will then determine if you need to pay the tax or not but generally you will have to pay the tax of the total CIF value

Our courier partners might charge a processing fee of each shipment order which needs to pay the tax. The processing fee may vary in cases and couriers. We might issue an add-on invoice to you which will be communicated via email or our platform if not directly from our courier partners