Step-by-step guide to using uShopUs:

How To Register Your Account With uShopUs

Register Account

First, you need to register your account at https://ushopus.com/register

After you have successfully registered, you will get your own locker number on the dashboard with 0% sales tax. Your item will be delivered to your locker address located in Delaware, USA.

Services Offered

Next, you can shop for your desired items and deliver it to your locker address. We have three provided services you can use:

“Shop on your own”: Purchase the item from any USA websites and have your seller deliver it to our warehouse and we will send it to your local address.

“Buy for me”: Our USA Team will shop the item for you and they will send it to your locker address. You can use this service if your bank card is not acceptable in the US. You need to select “Buy for me” on the sidebar menu and click “create new order” (sidebar menu > Buy for me > new order). After that, provide the link and details of your desired item. You have the option to make either full payment (100%) or half payment (50%). Finally, click create order and you are done. You just have to wait for confirmation from our team that your desired item has been purchased.

“VIP service”: Our USA Team can shop from any physical USA store for you. You can choose this service by click the “Booking VIP service” on the sidebar menu and click “create new order” (sidebar menu > Booking VIP service > new order). Then, set a date and time for our team to visit the store, and list the stores from which you want us to buy. Also, add the total number of hours and total miles from the warehouse address to the store. We charge 50$ for each hour and 1$ per mile.

  1. We will set up a telegram group between you and our team
  2. You set the vip time , date , location
  3. During that date , our team will go there , take picture of the item with prices for your
  4. You tell what do you want and make payment
  5. We ship your item

How to know the location?

  1. Register account with us and you'll get your locker address
  2. Mileage from your locker address to your preferred store location can be calculated from google map

What to do once your item has arrived at warehouse

Once your items have been successfully purchased and delivered to you USA locker address, our team will notify you via email and website. You can check by clicking “shipment” on the sidebar menu and choose “received packages” (sidebar menu > shipment > received packages).

Click action and choose view for more info.

*Special Note for BUY FOR ME customers*

If you are using our BUY FOR ME service and making 50% half payment, kindly ensure you have made full payment before proceeding to Shipment.

If you have PENDING PAYMENT shown on your dashboard, it is because you have not settled the remaining payment for the BUY FOR ME service. You can check by clicking “Buy For Me” on the sidebar menu and choose “Buy For Me” (sidebar menu > buy for me > choose the buy for me list > click on action icon > view and make payment).

Once the item has arrived at our US warehouse, you will receive a notification. Then, you can proceed to make payment by going back to the BUY FOR ME section and look for the purchased item details. After that, you can fulfil the remaining payment for your item by clicking on DETAILS

Shipment Process

Once you have consolidate all your parcels, go to the sidebar menu and create new shipment.

Go to the sidebar menu and click SHIPMENT. Choose “SHIPMENT” below the received packages.

After that, click “NEW SHIPMENT” and tick all the parcels that you want to ship together in this shipment (sidebar menu > shipment > shipment > new shipment). Then, after click “next”, you have the options to add on insurance.

Additional Service (Add-Ons)

You can also choose “Add-Ons” to add extra services such as repacking, advance repacking, photo request, and packages inspection.

Go to the sidebar menu and choose “Add-Ons”, click “create new order” and choose the packages that you want to Add-on (sidebar menu > Add-Ons > create new order).

  • Photo request: You can request for a photo of your items from our team and we will send it to you. We charge $5 USD for one tracking number.
  • Box Inspection: You can request for a box inspection to make sure your item is complete. For the box inspection, we charge $10 USD for one tracking number.
  • Repack: You can request repackaging for your items.
  • Advance packing: You can request advance packing and we will pack your box with air pillow, paper and cardboards so that the boxes filled and sturdy. We charge $25 USD for minimum 10 tracking numbers.
  • Extra-care repackaging: You can request extra-care repackaging for your items. We will bubble wrap small items like glasses and plates. We charge 50$ USD for one tracking number per item.
  • Tracking number request from USA website to USA warehouse: You can request for a tracking number and we charge $10 USD for one website.

  • Calculator

    We also have a calculator on our website where you can calculate the estimated cost of your item.

    Support ticket

    The support ticket can be found in the dashboard menu (dashboard menu > support ticket). If you have any inquiries that require our assistance, do click on SUPPORT TICKET. Then, our team will identify the issue and work with you to resolve it.