Are you looking for auto parts from USA? You know that USA is the hub for many type of cars especially Ford, Tesla , Honda , Toyota & Mazda  even though they are from Japan call but they are widely available in USA. You can also look for parts for Volkswagen, Chevrolet , GMC and many other American brand car.

if you are looking for parts like

  • Brake Pads
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Door Handles and Carpets
  • Engine Blocks and Complete
  • Transmissions
  • Bumpers and Mirrors
  • strut
  • suspension
  • Steering Gears and CV Axels
  • transmission

Or any other parts we can suggest you to first go to . We can almost guarantee that you can find any parts for any type of car here at this website. However for Joshua a familiar with shopping internationally with, you know that they don’t ship internationally. So here are your options with

It is very simple process to shop from USA using :

  1. Sign up for your free USA locker address at 0% US Sales tax warehouse at com
  2. Use your locker address to shop and deliver the item
  3. Or use “Buy for me” option if you don’t want the hassle to shop because Our team can shop for you as well you can only pay deposit of 50% first (some US website don’t allow foreign credit card to purchase)
  4. uShopUS repacks, consolidates and ship your package to your international address
  5. You will receive your order within the stipulated time frame

You will save a lot of money when you consolidate many packages into one shipment rather than shipping each individual packages internationally.

However, if you want to compare the prices from rock auto and many other places we suggest the following websites for you to compare now that you are an officially an American shopper :

Best Places to Buy Car Parts

  3. NAPA 
  5. EBAY