You might recognize these plastic figurines with oversized boxy heads and cartoonish huge eyes of pop culture figures and fictional characters. Although it may not seem like breaking new ground, but Funko, which rose to global fame by selling merchandise, has reinvented the industry when it comes to fandom merchandise.


Funko Pops are the most desirable fad toys on the market since Beanie Babies, Pogs, and Pokémon cards of the 1990s.


So, what’s the appeal of these figurines?


1. It documents mainstream pop culture figures like celebrities, athletes and even fictional characters who are all well-known characters in today's media.

2. They are up-to-date with their selection. They release new items monthly to attract customers of all ages.

3. Funko Pops are cheap collectible toys compared to other toys. They cost around $12 for one figurine.


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